Reuse Apple Sauce/Butter Jars to Create Simple Thanksgiving Decoration!

Check out these fun crafts that make great Thanksgiving Decorations while reusing White House Foods® Apple sauce and Apple Butter Jars!

1. Stenciled with Lights: Using stickers or stencils, paint the jar. Once dry, remove the stickers/stencil and place string lights on the side. You could also add Fall sprigs for an added touch!


2. Leaves and Lights: Fill the jar with Fall colored lights and add in string lights. Use ribbon to tie a bow at the top or rim of jar.



3. Fall Potpourri: Fill jar with Fall themed potpourri. Use twine like ribbon to wrap around the rim of jar. Add Fall sprigs if you choose!


4. Turkey Jar: Paint entire desired turkey color and let completely dry. Using a hot glue gun, glue leaves to the back of the jar to create "feathers." Use ribbon to trim the bottom of jar. We enforced with hot glue. Glue googly eyes. Use paint or construction paper for nose and the snood. Voila! 



Thanks for reading! If you try any of these, let us know! 


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