Reuse Empty Jars: Christmas Ideas

Reuse your empty White House Foods® jars for a Christmas craft or gift!

Now that the Christmas season is upon us, we've been thinking of ways to reuse jars as gifts, decor, etc. - here are our 2 favorite ideas!


Snow Decor Craft 

What you'll need: An empty White House Foods® jar, epsom salt, white glitter, mod podge, paint brush or sponge, ribbon, and decorative branches.

Cover the jar with mod podge, sprinkle on a mixture of epson salt and white glitter, and let dry. Once completely dry, tie ribbon to the top and stick your favorite decorative branches in the jar!


Pancake Kit Gift 

What you'll need: An empty White House Foods® jar, a small mason jar, pancake mix, White House Foods® Apple Butter, and ribbon.

Put the pancake mix into the larger White House Foods® jar, and White House Foods® Apple Butter into the smaller mason jar. Tie together with string and give it as a gift!


Thanks for reading!


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